Yummy/delicious breakfast can last me a whole entire day, no lunch necessary. 
This morning's breakfast was fantastic. I finally went to "mama's" at north beach, which is one of those hole in the wall places in s.f. 
i will definitely return to try the other dishes. one thing about this place is that you order first and pay (cash only) at the register and they will sit you. but anyway that's probably one of their strategies to get the service to keep on moving due to long waits.



I'm so inlove with booties...they make your legs look slender and longer. The fact that i'm only 5ft & yess 1 inches tall this is "genius".

Here are some of my fave so far for the past few hours being bored at work.

My latest purchase CALYPSO.

SoO Gladi.....ator!

Which "SCALLOP" are you? guess which one is a knocked off?


BOOTIES close toe-by L.A.M.B


Baker's comin' up and not a bad replica.

love the velcro straps!

Louboutini- nuff said!

I'll settle for this one for now.

I like how the studs (or whatever that is..) look like construction nails.

this one is just HOT!
The recent purchase is excellent, it's comfortable and lovely suede makes it even more comfortable. No rainy days for them though for it might fade. For $50 what a deal..can't beat that.


the City

“The Hills” spinoff series "The City" starring Whitney Port is scheduled to air the first quarter of 2009 on MTV.

---How i LOVE her job! it's perfect e.g. fantastic lifestyle w/celebs, awesome clothes, great pay & hott guys-- oh how i WISH!!! 

She's totally on top of her game and oh how i wish to be on top of mine.

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