Mission Accomplished

I finally finished my christmas shopping today. Thank god i'm off this whole week and was able to beat the rush. Forget the traffic, lining up and looking for parking...aaargghh! 

Ever since the CDG event @ H&M me and my cousin only wanted the polka dot scarf. I told her that i will keep an eye out to find a replica. Walking up on Powell as i pass by this sf souvenir store, i spotted a scarf hanging outside of this store as if it was calling me and luring me to go and grab it...hahhaha...i'm exaggerating! I can't believe that i found a replica, i was so excited! I also can't believe that i tried to bargain with this old lady for 2 for $20, it only cost $14.99 each, so she gave it to me for $12--CDG actually cost $50.00-and i would actually pay for that price. HA! i'm suchhhaaaa...nah!

This is the replica-fyi 100% Pashmina

Here's Kate and the scarf

Here's a model with the scarf
Yay! tomorrow is christmas eve and that's when we celebrate christmas. I'm so excited and can't wait to party with the family.



When i read my cousins blog about "cam whore" not long ago and saw the quickpod, I literally opened up a new window and browsed where I can purchase that quickpod. I looked at some websites and most were sold out or it cost $40- finally ebay came into mind and "voila" $19.99 no tax and free shipping. I click, click and click and bought it on the spot with no hesitation! An impulse buy, I should say. Here's some of my quick pod check and first time to use it. Seriously it might take a lot of guts to pull out this pod, people might "stop & stare" ha!-the outcome though is beaauutifullll!

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