Mission Accomplished

I finally finished my christmas shopping today. Thank god i'm off this whole week and was able to beat the rush. Forget the traffic, lining up and looking for parking...aaargghh! 

Ever since the CDG event @ H&M me and my cousin only wanted the polka dot scarf. I told her that i will keep an eye out to find a replica. Walking up on Powell as i pass by this sf souvenir store, i spotted a scarf hanging outside of this store as if it was calling me and luring me to go and grab it...hahhaha...i'm exaggerating! I can't believe that i found a replica, i was so excited! I also can't believe that i tried to bargain with this old lady for 2 for $20, it only cost $14.99 each, so she gave it to me for $12--CDG actually cost $50.00-and i would actually pay for that price. HA! i'm suchhhaaaa...nah!

This is the replica-fyi 100% Pashmina

Here's Kate and the scarf

Here's a model with the scarf
Yay! tomorrow is christmas eve and that's when we celebrate christmas. I'm so excited and can't wait to party with the family.



When i read my cousins blog about "cam whore" not long ago and saw the quickpod, I literally opened up a new window and browsed where I can purchase that quickpod. I looked at some websites and most were sold out or it cost $40- finally ebay came into mind and "voila" $19.99 no tax and free shipping. I click, click and click and bought it on the spot with no hesitation! An impulse buy, I should say. Here's some of my quick pod check and first time to use it. Seriously it might take a lot of guts to pull out this pod, people might "stop & stare" ha!-the outcome though is beaauutifullll!



Yummy/delicious breakfast can last me a whole entire day, no lunch necessary. 
This morning's breakfast was fantastic. I finally went to "mama's" at north beach, which is one of those hole in the wall places in s.f. 
i will definitely return to try the other dishes. one thing about this place is that you order first and pay (cash only) at the register and they will sit you. but anyway that's probably one of their strategies to get the service to keep on moving due to long waits.



I'm so inlove with booties...they make your legs look slender and longer. The fact that i'm only 5ft & yess 1 inches tall this is "genius".

Here are some of my fave so far for the past few hours being bored at work.

My latest purchase CALYPSO.

SoO Gladi.....ator!

Which "SCALLOP" are you? guess which one is a knocked off?


BOOTIES close toe-by L.A.M.B


Baker's comin' up and not a bad replica.

love the velcro straps!

Louboutini- nuff said!

I'll settle for this one for now.

I like how the studs (or whatever that is..) look like construction nails.

this one is just HOT!
The recent purchase is excellent, it's comfortable and lovely suede makes it even more comfortable. No rainy days for them though for it might fade. For $50 what a deal..can't beat that.


the City

“The Hills” spinoff series "The City" starring Whitney Port is scheduled to air the first quarter of 2009 on MTV.

---How i LOVE her job! it's perfect e.g. fantastic lifestyle w/celebs, awesome clothes, great pay & hott guys-- oh how i WISH!!! 

She's totally on top of her game and oh how i wish to be on top of mine.



driving to school this morning i was listening to the radio and was playing "viva la vida" by Coldplay..and so i turned that up and got me in the mood of going to class! HA! anyway when the song was over they announced that this might of been a copyright from a guitarist Joe Satriani in his composition of "If I Could Fly" but Coldplay refuted Joe Satriani's claim and that this is a coincidence... Well geeeez! they are now i believe is a lawsuit. If anything Coldplay's version rocks!!!


dress up

i love dressing up and i have fun and cute clothes that i don't seem to wear unless there's an occasion. i feel that the only time i can go all out or go beyond what's in fashion is if there's a special event or if it's freakin' halloween?! so anyway to stop this madness of dressing up, my friend had an idea of having a karaoke night at joe's house and to add to that i suggested that we should all dress up as "harajuku girls" a street fashion in Japan. Not everyone was up for it but my friend nik. well anyway here are some of my inspirations when i put up my lil' harajuku fashion. by the way there are names of different styles in the streets of harajuku. as for my attire i was "gothic lolita or goth loli" there's also "super kawaii-means cute" there's "cosplay-means costume play" and there's the "ganguro-means super tanned with white eyeshadow" and etc...

this picture below inspired me to be a lil more of street chic, not over the top "super goth" kind of thing.

And this photo below is my make up inspiration ;)

photo above is a "gothic lolita" in the streets of Japan.

Gwen and her hollerback girls--going for the goth look!!!


taking hella long

delayed for 8 hours for a Vegas trip...what else can you do but to entertain yourself!
Meet Joe...he thought that i was taking a picture of him, but instead it was a video.
hear him say "are you taking a picture or what "dude", taking hella long" is the funniest and the highlight of this whole trip. this video still cracks me up! 
Please ignore my annoying laugh...i couldn't help myself!


small but terrible

"It was all Pacquiao, who put on one of the most impressive displays I've seen in a long time. Pacquiao's hand and foot speed were far too much for De La Hoya, as Pacquiao was consistently able to dart in, nail De La Hoya seemingly at will, and retreat before De La Hoya could catch up with him. And it was Pacquiao, not the taller (but hardly any heavier, surprisingly) De La Hoya, whose punches were more damaging. Pacquiao's smart, disciplined performance was a masterpiece of controlled fury."
proud to be filipino!!!
"Pacquiao won every round, and the HBO team gave him one by two points even though De La Hoya never quite went down. De La Hoya's corner threw in the towel after the eighth, as their fighter was taking serious punishment and it was clear that he had no chance to catch up with Pacquiao, or hurt him if he did."
everyone at home...was screaming and at the same time..praying for pacman!--fun night!!!


for the love of scent

For those who don't know, i can't leave my house without having a good amount of splash of my eau de toilette !!! it's a habit of mine. I feel naked if i don't put anything on. I have different variety of scents and i can't stick to just one scent, so i tend to have 3 or 4 new ones on reserve. My mood sets what scent i would like to wear. Today i'm wearing my bright crystal from versace. Lately, i have been sporting my daisy by MJ during my late night outs it keeps the night feeling fresh =)

coco mademoiselle- it lifts me up (bf says-manly smell....no not really i tell him)

dior addict- fun...fun...fun- JUST fun! love this smell- (unfortunately i'm out)

Jo Malone lime & basil mandarin- refreshing- (i love this scent because it sort of masculine)

Gucci envy- irresistable smell.



mj rubber boots

YAy! i finally got my MJ boots!   

I've been wanting to purchase rain boots and have been eyeing on some boots from target but they didn't seem to please my eyes. When i saw these MJ boots on MJbyMbyMJ website, I was like oh' my... those are the boots i want...when i went to fillmore days ago they didn't have em' ;(. Last night i finally got em' and was undecided to which color i should i get...at first i had my arms all wrapped around on the black with pink trims...but then i saw the yellow trim and yess...it seems to be more appealing. Candice helped me decide and got 2 votes on the yellow! majority wins.

Matthew Williamson-collabo w/H&M

So after having the collabo' with CDG at H&M...here comes another designer this coming spring/summer 09. Matthew Williamson line hits a few select stores by April 23rd...i'm pretty sure the one on Powell will be one of the selected stores.(crossing fingers)! The rest will be on mid May. It's going to be Men/Women collection for the spring/summer 09...so alot of brilliant prints, saturated colors and a hippie chic look-loves it!-inspired by Sienna Miller & Kate Moss =)

Am i excited? ohh yeahhh!!! =)


Your So Vain

This is how i entertain myself.

This is my normal day in my room/mirror.

      Someone's full of it. This is my outlet for being such a camera whore!
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