Main Street

Took a stroll on Main Street yesterday located in the heart of downtown Tiburon. It's funny how the weather is so different here compared to downtown SF that was foggy and chilly. The sun was out and maybe a ten degree difference after crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. 
Their downtown area reminded me of a small village, somewhat similar to Beauty and Beast.."little town it's a quiet village, everyday like the one before...little town full of little people waking up to say..bonjour, bonjour, bonjour" ahhh...ok enough of that, but you get the picture..right? 
We had lunch at Sam's Anchor sat out in the deck and had an amazing view of the yachts that were owned my millionaires, rubbed shoulders with them kind of...lol! great food & drinks...perfect for brunch!


                   Mossimo Plaid shirt, Forever 21 tights, Nine West Trott boots, LV speedy, Rayban Wayfarer



Forever21 tank & shorts, Vans slip-on, Marc by Marc Jacob purse, Rayban aviator

Over the weekend a music & arts festival was held in the beautiful Golden Gate Park. To top of this colorful event the weather participated and gave SF weather a sun shiny day. I've been hooked on Twitter since more & more of my friends have joined and I guess I could say being nosy to millions of celebrity tweets! Thought it would be clever to take a pic with this wooden bird made of cardboards and throw up a T sign for twitter not thizz! lol!
by the way Twitter is from the BAY...hahha whattuupp!
[you would probably know what thizz means if your from the bay area.]

Along with this festival was of course joined by many well known bands around the world. But me & the gang of course rocked out to the tune of Jason Mraz & Black Eyed Peas. AMAZING performances indeed!!! It's my first time seeing BEP and yess they're absolutely great live and they made the crowd jump around "party everyday...party everyday" wooohooo!!!


Photo-booth FUN sponsored by Toyota!
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