Revisited the square...and for some weird reason had the guts to even enter the GoyardMe and Joe just wanted to check it out...well actually I dragged him to go in, not that I have plans on purchasing one but maybe a hint/clue to the purchaser. LOL! I'm bad...very bad!-stop it. 

After revisiting, I was able to bring back and restore the beauty of SF in my memory, it's such a chill place, less people and tall huge buildings~it's quite hilly though! However, beware of the unpleasant smell of the sidewalks it totally ruins everything...I mean while sipping on some fruity drink and the smell of urine comes creeping in...disasterrr!



Hat: Forever 21, Shirt-dress: Uniqlo, Sandals: Sam Edelman, Purse: Louis Vuitton-Eva clutch

I've never tagged my outfits before, so here you go!


Cherry Cherry Boom Boom

So it's thursday, my mom told me last night that I need to wake up early to do some cherry picking...hmm..sounds fun! From what I remember not long ago, I could hardly squeeze any last minute plans due to work & school and now with so much free time, I was like "sure". It feels good to say "yes" to last minute plans-its' so exciting, but at the same time...am so bummed being low in the moola. But then again in a good note, nothing beats good company and the adventure that follows ;)

So this morning we headed out to Rockville, Suisun City Ca. We visited the
  99 Cherry Orchard the entrance fee only cost $3.50 plus $1.50 a pound for the cherries, which is not a bad deal it's actually an awesome deal. Best part is it's only 45 minute drive from the bay. 

The weather was really nice, it was 90 degrees! goodness...after a while a slight headache rushed ;(



Oh by the way, that cute lil' hand is Isaiah...you're not seeing things ;)



Wow! this box cost us $9.00 "what a deal-what-a- taaw-sata-tay-wow..wow"



Jennifer Behr

Fond of Headbands...

I must say, I always have something to put on my head, it could be my hats, bonnets, clips or a headband. It's like my  "cherry on top" which completes ones wardrobe.

I find the works ofJennifer Behr to be the cherry on top for an absolute darling outfit.

Here are some of her collections:


And here's who made her pieces so popular Miss Blair Waldorf



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