for the love of scent

For those who don't know, i can't leave my house without having a good amount of splash of my eau de toilette !!! it's a habit of mine. I feel naked if i don't put anything on. I have different variety of scents and i can't stick to just one scent, so i tend to have 3 or 4 new ones on reserve. My mood sets what scent i would like to wear. Today i'm wearing my bright crystal from versace. Lately, i have been sporting my daisy by MJ during my late night outs it keeps the night feeling fresh =)

coco mademoiselle- it lifts me up (bf says-manly smell....no not really i tell him)

dior addict- fun...fun...fun- JUST fun! love this smell- (unfortunately i'm out)

Jo Malone lime & basil mandarin- refreshing- (i love this scent because it sort of masculine)

Gucci envy- irresistable smell.



mj rubber boots

YAy! i finally got my MJ boots!   

I've been wanting to purchase rain boots and have been eyeing on some boots from target but they didn't seem to please my eyes. When i saw these MJ boots on MJbyMbyMJ website, I was like oh' my... those are the boots i want...when i went to fillmore days ago they didn't have em' ;(. Last night i finally got em' and was undecided to which color i should i get...at first i had my arms all wrapped around on the black with pink trims...but then i saw the yellow trim and yess...it seems to be more appealing. Candice helped me decide and got 2 votes on the yellow! majority wins.

Matthew Williamson-collabo w/H&M

So after having the collabo' with CDG at H&M...here comes another designer this coming spring/summer 09. Matthew Williamson line hits a few select stores by April 23rd...i'm pretty sure the one on Powell will be one of the selected stores.(crossing fingers)! The rest will be on mid May. It's going to be Men/Women collection for the spring/summer 09...so alot of brilliant prints, saturated colors and a hippie chic look-loves it!-inspired by Sienna Miller & Kate Moss =)

Am i excited? ohh yeahhh!!! =)
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