Everytime i dine around the mission in sf, i always pass by this bright, vibrant sign SPORK..and was always curious if their any good?! As a yelper..there were good reviews about this place and so the bf and i decided to dine. WHY Spork? well KFC was actually the one that introduced America to this spoon/fork utensil. So this resto is basically using this namesake, for their american style of fast food, however, this place is aiming for the slow food. Why slow food? well to enjoy their dishes and to create this interesting idea of not rushing to eat a good plate. 

Sad part of our dinner was that i was visited by unexpected cold, which made my taste bud disappear. I was only able to taste our appetizer-and being able to taste appetizer shows if the place is any good, well as it turned out their poke was fantastic and their bread too!




Went on a journey to Story Road in San Jose for some CRAWDADDY...
This place was off the hook! good crawfish and shrimp ;) would definitely go back soon!
Thanks Apps for bringing us ;)
Unfortunately, i wasn't able to take a photo of our food...it's because i was too hungry and seriously my hands were soaked into the sauce of the crawfish and shrimp. It was a messy messy... messy... dinner and sweaty to others as well...meaning...they were soo freakin' spicy and so other's were sweating continuously!!! i didn't want ya'll to see that!


Then off for some dessert... PINKBERRY at Santana Row! The yogurt here is quite different compare to the other yogurt spots i've been to. Has anyone tasted YAKULT before? the taste are very similar...brings back my yakult days..LOL!






Walkinginto Westfield shopping center's restroom near the foodcourt today, i've noticed how they are "GOING GREEN". Yep! they are now using a  hand drier and paper towels are now history! Well it's not an ordinary hand drier, it's sophisticated with a sleek style. Ohhh..yes they are so powerful.
It's called Dyson Airblade

  • Fastest dry: dries hand in 12 seconds
  • Most Hygienic: removes 99.9% of bacteria from air used to dry hands
  • Energy efficient: uses up to 80% less energy
Pretty Cool huh?! 
 I also find the hand sanitizer to be conveniently handy...i think everyone should carry one in their purse/man purse.

Well i'm that type of person who always brings a hand sanitizer..everywhere i go! seriously though, my hands feels so sticky and filthy if i don't wash them. 

Who ever invented PURELL is a genius!-->PURELL
Again...it's your share of going green ;)


Filipino's in the Outfield

Sad to say i'm not a big fan of any sport...snowboarding is probably the only sport i enjoy. But anyway SF was trying to be cute with the weather for the past 3 days...it was way too hot and lovin' the cuteness ;) It was a perfect night too to watch the GIANTS play in the outfield..they won baby! yay! even though i wasn't sure what happened most of the game. We got good seats and was pretty darn close to the field, being close to the field made me realized that the field is not that big. 

It felt like one of those "hot summer nights"



by the way...it was Filipino Heritage Night, the reason why i went to the game ;)

gulping till the very end...

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