Just before warming up my coche, i have to take a quick glance of my appearance (vain indeed)! and while i was at it a quick shot-might as well. A girl gots' to do what a girl gotta do. Well anyway it's friday the 13th and didn't realize that V`day is tomorrow. I was planning on getting a card for joe last week (procrastinator indeed)!  last minute stop at target


I'm not a big fan of getting those cards that says: "You'll forever be my soulmate...yata yata yata"!!! I'm more like: "Olive you" and that's all what the message in the card would say. But this card i found was so cute! Me and Joe are major foodies and so this card is perfecto mundo! the message inside says: "and you're just what I ordered"...hahha! cheesy but not too cheeeeeezzyyy!!! 




Candy the sweetest dog ever! she's just adorable even though she doesn't know any tricks. Btw it's her birthday this thursday~ she's an old maid ;(


Ever thought of how straight guys would react to a store such as XXI hahha! here's a sample!!! i believe that guys that knows their sense of style is awesome, compare to those who look so 
un-together NOT a word i know, but you know what i mean..no need for them tackiness!!!!




I finally got a taste of that ohh so popular cupcake from Sprinkles. This place is a must if you want a good cup of cake. Red velvet is to die for!!! It's funny when i took this pic, i didn't intend to have my chewed gum on there but it looks pretty neat with the glare of the window glass the cloud sets the theme of heaven. The cupcake was heavenlidelicious ;)

I bought four cupcakes, 3 for me and 1 for Joe. Hehehe...
i got the black and white and dark chocolate.
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