Purchasing an item that is not necessary tends to become necessary, most especially when the price label is glory to your eyes. Anyways Ladies, everything that we want is necessary...I mean come on who goes out of their doorstep un-accessorized there must be at least a piece or two that comes along your sexy body...lol!
So as you all probably know or perhaps not know...the Topshop/Topman store sells highly good fashion forward styles, yet some quality of their clothing could be bought in Forever21 in an equally similar styles but ten times cheaper. However, their jewelry section I give a plus +++ that is because it's done so well and definitely not a one time use such as what you could find in Forever21.  Prices could be a shockerrrR and may cause a huge damage to your wallet...I mean it's not a silver necklace or earrings from Tiffany's. 
even though the prices are a bit harsh on your wallet, the trend and styles of their clothing are amazingly beautiful and definitely a head turner!

Guess who got lucky? I admit I'm a sucker for least expensive items and discounted prices.

was: $40 now $7 was: $85 now $10 was: $50 now $7

was: $45 now $7
purchased in Broadway & Broome NYC. By the way their sales are not bad and so a purchased has been made!
Another item that I found was this black leather clutch, which reminded me of the 
Prada Bow Clutch that came out last year.

urbanoutfitters: Deena & Ozzy multi chain clutch.
Not as fancy as the Prada but will do.

LoLa- marcjacobs

Lola: "Sparkling Fruitiness-pink peppercorn, pear and ruby red grapefruit"- click here

Exclusively @ Bloomingdales [U.S] & Harvey Nichols [U.K]- $65-$85.

Two years ago Marc Jacobs introduced the "oh so wonderful sweet scent: DAISY"  and now comes along a more sensual scent that is more bolder, which could be called the older sister of of our sweet ol' Daisy. 
The Lola is exclusively sold in Bloomingdales, it came out first week of August.
I now own both and I absolutely love both scents, but Daisy still wins with 2.5 points. lol!

MJ is very creative with the  bottle cap!!!



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