"mae day"

Yay! it's friday =) actually it's my sunday because i have work tomorrow morning. Well that sort of kills my "yay!" well so far i am loving the weather and i love sunny days. I went to school this morning and went straight to the gym...doin' my fitness=) then i head over to get gas, which surprised me because for a full tank i spent $26.00 what it do! i really hope that gas prices will keep going down. I remember those days when i used to pay $5.00 for gas just to get to school and work. (bring back those days...please!) After my trip to the gas station, I went to dun..dun...dun...dun....(sound of danger) Target..i love...love this place. I went to buy my makeup remover, well of course then came along the "stuff" i don't really need..e.g. dress, sports bra, track pants..yeah, i get carried away at times. But it was a "chiffon" i love chiffon it's very comfortable to wear and yet classy. As for the bra it was $1.98 can't beat that, i mean c'mon and the track pants...it's better to wear that than a velour...when doin' my fitness oh yah!

My weaknesses and cravings on my days off.
It's another mae day!
i deserve it. (period) 


H&M unleashes comme des garcons

to make this long story short!!!! Racks were empty!!!

Funny guy...so undecisive!!!
One of the guys that grabbed most of the items off the rack!!!
and now there sorting what they want!!!

The cardigan i bought.

Presenting "Comme des Garcons" a collaboration with 
H&M.  When i heard the news from my cousin...I was very excited because i missed out on Cavalli and this time i'm not going to let this passed. I told myself i will be there before anyone else, which I assume hundreds of people were planning also. I woke up at 8:00 a.m. and drove my ass to downtown and what do you know there's freakin' traffic. So

 I made it to down town at 9:00 a.m. when i passed by H&M there was a crowd and long line infront of the store, just like how it first opened. What do you expect?! Anywhoo, i rushed out the parking garage and as i walked and pass by the store there they were a bunch of people all covered up in their blankets and sitting in their portable chairs and eating crackers along with their starbucks fix. Most were japanese peeps! representing and supporting their kababayans!!! (countrymen) So as I passed by the long freaking line i went around the corner and  lined up at the very end...2 or 3 minutes later more and more people were lining up...so i figured hmm..i guess my timing wasn't that bad. I was a block away from the store. I waited for a good hour to get into the store. As soon as 9:50 a.m. hits...the line started to move and i could see from far away the people were running and rushing to the front door. There you go..it was total "CHAOS" I was in schocked that as soon as i stepped into the door it was like a jungle! Picture someone who haven't eaten for daysss...they were grabbing all the hangers that was in the rack with all the same style!!! people stepping on some shirts and sweaters and rolling racks were obviously getting pushed. I was afraid that one of the racks might hit my eye, I mean hello I'm a petite girl. People were grabbing anything they see comme des garcons on the label and anything polka dots!!! By 10:01 a.m. most of the merchandise on the floor was all gone!!! craziness...aren't we in recession???!!! This is such a good way for H&M to build up their revenue and such good timing, because these fashionistas would not let an opportunity like this slip away...like moi!

All i really wanted was a scarf! and was suppose to buy one for my cousin too!!!


My iphone =)

i love my iphone!
best gadget i bought so far =) it's totally the most "awesomeness" phone out there!!!
My friends had them since the first one came out and I wasn't really a big fan, because of how much it costs. It was way too overpriced and plus I just bought my blackberry, which did it's job organizing my busy sched =p. Anywhoo...since they came out with a cheaper iphone this year and better speed because it's 3G  and yesss...my contract is over..definitely a YESS! to purchase that baby =)  I just love how it's so cool looking and the apps are great and it takes good pictures!!! 


furry little creature

Growing up as a child, I was never fond of dogs. I was never surrounded by dogs and if I was I am very terrified by them. I feel that they will just jump right at me and bite my leg. Back where I grew up, there wasn't many pleasant dogs, most were called "askal" -asong kalye... meaning street dogs. But anyway, when my uncle adopted this little cute furry creature named: CANDY she looked very sad, she seemed so lonely. My uncle wasn't able to take care of this furry little creature, so my boyfriend took over the responsibilities and adopted her. He fell in love with this dog more than anything else, hopefully besides MOI!!! His family was able to take care of her, as if she's a baby. She had the lifestyle of a princess...So after my first encounter with Candy when she was sad and lonely, she turned out to be a happy, loveable & cheerful dog.  She doesn't bite and she always love to be next to me, so that I can pet her for dayssss!!! (tiring it is..) Candy is always a star when she steps out of the house for a walk...strangers would be amazed on how big and fluffy she is and she carries it very well and I'm pretty sure she knows it too! Candy helped me not to be scared of dogs, she proved that not all dogs are the same. She was right because she puts a smile to my face whenever I see her.
Meet Candy!

she loves the grass...

she's a superstar                                                                           

isn't she the cutest pom?



what's up with those people?!
they live to ruin someone's life.
they can't live a day without making someone's life miserable.
Like it's the thing to do...geezz i guess it's listed in their to do list.

what's up with those haters?!
they can't appreciate or at least admire what you've got.
they'll talk and end up duplicating what you got.
"haters they're gonna hate"

what's up with those liars?!
they're sh*t face when they get caught.
they stutter...stutter...
are liars always going to be liars?

what's up with moi?!
wtf am i listing here???
crazy...mind of mine.
questions...that goes in & out of my utak.


I’m not a morning person.
I am very weak, sleepy, lazy & so not together.
I hate waking up so early, especially on the weekends. Sad to say my work schedule is am shift every weekend. I just want to cuddle in my bed in my “oh so very soft” blanket!
While everyone is still dreamin’ right at this moment, I am day dreamin’ and gazing at this computer at work..sucks really bad! The only advantage of working early is getting outta here early, but then again my energy level is down the drain…i want my bed!!!!
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