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i love dressing up and i have fun and cute clothes that i don't seem to wear unless there's an occasion. i feel that the only time i can go all out or go beyond what's in fashion is if there's a special event or if it's freakin' halloween?! so anyway to stop this madness of dressing up, my friend had an idea of having a karaoke night at joe's house and to add to that i suggested that we should all dress up as "harajuku girls" a street fashion in Japan. Not everyone was up for it but my friend nik. well anyway here are some of my inspirations when i put up my lil' harajuku fashion. by the way there are names of different styles in the streets of harajuku. as for my attire i was "gothic lolita or goth loli" there's also "super kawaii-means cute" there's "cosplay-means costume play" and there's the "ganguro-means super tanned with white eyeshadow" and etc...

this picture below inspired me to be a lil more of street chic, not over the top "super goth" kind of thing.

And this photo below is my make up inspiration ;)

photo above is a "gothic lolita" in the streets of Japan.

Gwen and her hollerback girls--going for the goth look!!!

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My Sunshine said...

Love your outfit!! Talagang Feel na feel.. Hey I was wondering where in the heck did your friend nik get her outfit? I mean it's cute and all, but where did she find it?

Next time ulit.. think of a theme.

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