for the love of scent

For those who don't know, i can't leave my house without having a good amount of splash of my eau de toilette !!! it's a habit of mine. I feel naked if i don't put anything on. I have different variety of scents and i can't stick to just one scent, so i tend to have 3 or 4 new ones on reserve. My mood sets what scent i would like to wear. Today i'm wearing my bright crystal from versace. Lately, i have been sporting my daisy by MJ during my late night outs it keeps the night feeling fresh =)

coco mademoiselle- it lifts me up (bf says-manly smell....no not really i tell him)

dior addict- fun...fun...fun- JUST fun! love this smell- (unfortunately i'm out)

Jo Malone lime & basil mandarin- refreshing- (i love this scent because it sort of masculine)

Gucci envy- irresistable smell.

1 comment:

Emski said...

youre like a mini sephora lol.
i love d&g, gucci envy and my fav is the daisy! nice pick!

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