rolled up & braided

Since I'm in the verge of being low on my moola...i can't afford to purchase such outfits. So digging to my closet, i have found these jeans that seems to represent the boyfriend cut that many celebs have been sporting and i love em'...love em' more that i don't have to buy a pair. The cool thing about this outfit is that it can be worn with anything. 

Milkmaid braids are so fun...i'm glad i can french braid my own freakin' hair. Having such a long hair can get irritating at times, i try to manage it by having a ponytail or braiding it. But i love how the olsen twins, nicole richie and lauren conrad have their milkmaid braids hairdo.





Emski said...

is that the shoes made by your family's business? cute! i have several shoes made by centropelle, i always find cute designs from them.
anyway, my friend wants to go wine tasting, but were going in a big group, could you give me some info on how we can rent that little private van/bus that can take all of us? if you still remember the company! thanks.

MARIA said...

yep! i asked if they can send me some from p.i. it's cool ;) wine tour- i would recommend great pacific tour.

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