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Okay, so having the most "insanawesomeness" conversation with CP just about a few min. ago, we basically talked about things that we used to appreciate when we were young or at least what she appreciated cause she thought it was somewhat...hmmm anyway, little things that we asked for to our parents like a toy. 
Most of the time they won't consider purchasing such things because it's expensive or it's not worth it. So to go straight to the point, we were talking about the digital pet, the infamous "TAMAGOTCHI" lol! Back then in 1998, those were the "IT" gadgets to show off your friends. She mentioned how she felt bad, because her parents purchased it for her for the price of $24, which back then cost a lot of money. With my witty-ness i responded to her, I got it as a happy meal from McDonalds....totally broke the sadness. ;( hahhah! ---
ok, so eleven years later comes this social network called "FACEBOOK" having those random invites for such applications seemed to be a little too much for me, so sorry if i don't approve many of the request. Well to continue, she called me a couple of days ago, to ask if I approved her farm invite...and i'm like "farm-huh?! yea i saw that...lol" anyway, it's just funny that after all these years this girl is digitally updated! hahhaha j/k!
love ya shane ;)


BTW: just saw this...

who's up for some ICE CREAM..ice cream...ice cream?
this is worth $1000-can be purchase at the Serendipity NYC


Emski said...

so are you and joe going to be ordering this next week in ny?

Apple said...

Hahaha aylavet!

MARIA Santiago said...

aww,,,man..yea if we got that much moola to splurge! I'd rather go on another vacay if that's the case.

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