mexican candies

                                                               "tak tak"

Mexican candies are so good! I get so addicted. I can sit all day and just eat them. My favorite is the lucas powder, it's hot & spicy and kind of sour. Many people i know think that I'm weird because the taste of these candies are kind of strange. But i love em' ...i rather have my 
tak tak" by the way that's what i call the lucas powder because growing up me and my cousins didn't want to say lucas acidito...it sounded funny. It's tak tak because that's how we eat them we pour it as if it's salt or pepper. Oh yeah, me and my cousins are the only ones that i know that are into these candies. We used to drive and look for mexican stores that sells them...it's like egg hunting but for some mexican candies. I've heard bad news about these candies, so i sort of stop eating them for a few months, but there were times that i crave for them and i just can't help it so i buy the popsicle "tamarind lucas" from the ice cream truck that drives around my neighborhood...such a kid i know! By the way the Target near my house sells my favorite tak tak powder. It's so funny that they have it on the shelf near the register, one of the reasons why target is the best store =)

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