"mae day"

Yay! it's friday =) actually it's my sunday because i have work tomorrow morning. Well that sort of kills my "yay!" well so far i am loving the weather and i love sunny days. I went to school this morning and went straight to the gym...doin' my fitness=) then i head over to get gas, which surprised me because for a full tank i spent $26.00 what it do! i really hope that gas prices will keep going down. I remember those days when i used to pay $5.00 for gas just to get to school and work. (bring back those days...please!) After my trip to the gas station, I went to dun..dun...dun...dun....(sound of danger) Target..i love...love this place. I went to buy my makeup remover, well of course then came along the "stuff" i don't really need..e.g. dress, sports bra, track pants..yeah, i get carried away at times. But it was a "chiffon" i love chiffon it's very comfortable to wear and yet classy. As for the bra it was $1.98 can't beat that, i mean c'mon and the track pants...it's better to wear that than a velour...when doin' my fitness oh yah!

My weaknesses and cravings on my days off.
It's another mae day!
i deserve it. (period) 

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Emski said...

hi maria, me you and apple should go to the ysl exhibit on a tuesday so we get in the museum for free and we just have to pay the exhibit fee of $10! have you tried the sprinkles cupcake they just opened in palo alto? kinda pricey tho but good red velvet. come down here and we'll go.
i love target too!! they have good clothes and i buy my bras there all the time!

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