celebration time come on'

Happy Birthday to me! well actually it was 5 days ago, such an old fart now...time goes by like a "hot cheetos" hehe okay that didn't make any sense, i'm just typing what's on my mind and i want some hot cheetos. Well it kinda resembles the hotness of life (time-speed, is what i meant), i mean how's life going to create exciting momentum without no spice into it. Blaahh...blaah..i'm just exhausted talking about non-sense, now if you find it to be interesting well "hellO to ya"!

Here's me and my snowboard "punch" ya it has a name-it says on the board. Along with my colorful outfit ;) Joe had to buy me goggles that day, it was snowing like there's no tomorrow that's why and geeeez it was not playing.

Peace sign is the sign of peace! and that's all i wanted that day ;)
Here's me at bubble lounge holding a glass of bubbly.
Look soo good & yummy...well they were and we cleaned that platter in a quickness.

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