Gung Hay Fat Choy

to follow up on my "denied" blog- well well well...i thought that this year started out in the wrong foot. well i read a horoscope for the chinese new year and it gave me another alternative overview for this year. i'm not chinese but i'll consider this horoscope...oh what the heck it's chinese new year today!!! who wants tikoy? hehehe.
Ox na Ox

here's what it says for year of the Rats:
Zodiac’s Nature:
Elegant by nature. Clever, intelligent, ambitious, determined, seductive, pleasant, playful, generous, alert, suspicious and resourceful. Loves intrigues, riddles and games. Connoisseurs of art. Good business acumen.
Cannot resist bargains. A true opportunist just to reach their target.

Rats are compatible with the Ox this year, so things will be quite smooth throughout the year. They can consider expanding their business. On the other hand, due to the antagonistic stars falling under the sign, they might face some small obstacles and problems. It is important that they have to keep quiet, and mind their own business; otherwise they will be isolated. This will be a profitable year for Rats. The more they work, the more successful they will be. They must watch out for business traps and should save money for the rainy days. They can consider putting their money in a stable investment, or they can consider buying property this year. This is a romantic year for Rats. They will have a very good chance of meeting friends or their dream lover; so single Rats should pay special attention to the people around them. If they already have a partner, they should consider to get married within the year. Married Rats should avoid indulging in sensual pleasures and keep away from temptation. They won’t have any major problems in health this year. Of course minor sickness cannot be avoided. It is important that they learn to relax more, do more exercise and be mindful of their diet.

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