Treats for Freaks

So in the beginning of my spring semester, my professor mentioned that we will be having a major project [Latexhibition]?! Yep...rubber project indeed. In this case it was supposed to be a group project, but i've decided to just do it on my own just cause its a hassle to meet up with groups and with my time... my time is precious. HAHA. lol! Well, it took a lot of guts for me to ask for condoms my bf suggested to go to the health center since they give out condoms for free. So I went and had to lie about my age, they didnt give me a lot so i had to do another round and came back in a couple of hours and this time i had my little cousin get it for me. She had to lie about her age too because she's thirteen. Anyway, not a good sample am i to ask a little girl for condoms. So after that i had to come up with an idea to what kind of figure i should make, i thought of making a purse, a hat, shoes, & etc.. But turns out i decided to make a flower vase. However, when i finished it didnt turn out to be a flower vase more like a candy treat. And so i came to this title; "Treats for Freaks." 

In the process...

TADA...the vase was from GOODWILL..$3.00 wat up?!!!


Anonymous said...

you're very creative

Apple said...

Soooo keeewwl!

Rachael said...

cute! ruby was telling me about this project. did you see her corsages?

MARIA Santiago said...

Rachael..haha! i seriously don't see Ruby in class anymore..but yeah this project was pretty funny.

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