i've never noticed this before but i love cake! i remember way back that i was craving for a chocolate cake and so joe & i went on a hunt..fyi- it was late night and so basically most bakeshops were closed. Good thing that the safeway near us were open, really though... their cakes are really good and so as costco cakes-good buys for cheap cakes!

anyway, today i craved for some...i really really really, no...really l.o.v.e. cake + cupcakes! so i decided to bake a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese whipped on top. 

here's a peek of them delicious cupcakes ;)

a couple of days ago when i happened to walk down the stairs at my grandma's house at south park, i saw an egg on the neighbors' doorstep...i was like "is that real" and believe it or not, the mother pigeon made a nest for her egg to be indoors...really?! they fly inside to the doorstep from time to time to check on their egg....now that's l.o.v.e! 

i've never encountered anything like this, it's really amazing how pigeons these days are becoming very modern...it's a like a condo for them..for FREEE! oh by the way..don't ask why there's a dorito chip next to the nest..."modern" keep that in mind...hahhahaha lol! i'm kidding...but yea..i find it really cute ;)


have you ever had a crepe? i mean a real french crepe? no japantown or asian crepes? well i'm such a big fan of crepes..their one of the best desserts that is definitely gooood! i love how the crepes atCAFE GRILLADESin Bayhill is so tasty and the wrapper is soft and fresh. I really don't like how the Sophie ones in j-town are shaped in a cone and the wrapper is crunchy like a fortune cookie...not exciting, well that's just my opinion and of course what i prefer for my crepe.


i finally used apps giftcard from sephora and purchased a perfume. YAY! i was looking for my dior addict, which i ran out of already and so a new bottle would be handy. But they didn't have it at the counter, so i did a little smelling testing and after a spray here and there, i found this scent that is sweet and not overwhelming smell Hanae Mori so far, so good!

along with this pic is a cherry blossom tree taken at school...i was daydreaming and thought of taking a pic because it's so beautiful ;)


just cause...

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TynnerS said...

Well, let me know asap if you wanna so I can put you and joe bro on the list. Im doing final counts this week. If not, me and JP will just visit you guys this summer....Miss you!!!

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