Tis' the new Seasons'

brrr...it's almost septemberrr!

Ok, so two of my favorite series are these two shows based on my favorite city NEW YORK! and their seasons are coming soon this september...so watch out for all the drama and their wardrobe!

On September 14 the new season of Gossip Girl will be airing...also the day before watch out for the Gossip Girl wardrobe inspired to hit Target and it's by a famous designer Anna Sui.

I really love these two...Blair & Jenny!


Another up coming show is WhitneyEve's show The City and will be airing on September 29.
What got me so bummed is that Erin won't be part of The City anymore...
she was so fresh, down with everything and loved her style!
Well as long as Whit is in town and getting down in the Meatpacking for DVF
then it's all good in the neighborhood!
Miss Palermo...love her style and can't wait
what she's been up to lately.


Can't wait for the season to start and yess! I'll be hitting Target to see what Anna Sui has to offer.

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