Surprised the bf for his 26th birthday...truth is I was hesitant to bring him to this place, knowing that he's such a scaarrdy cat! But I figured that he would risk it, since it's already been payed for...lol! I sorta' ruined the surprise because I totally missed the entrance of the vicinity, funny thing is that he was like "Oooh look at that indoor skydiving" not knowing that I was bringing him there and I of course blurted out..."ohh crapp, i missed it" so there you go...but he was still surprised and excited that we were going skydiving-indoor.

This is definitely a perfect gift for anybody...excluding those who have back problems, but worth the price and the experience is unbelievable. I'm definitely coming back and fly my heart out inside that tube. Seriously though, after experiencing this indoor skydiving, I wanna do the real deal and fly out from the plane...wonder when that time will be...

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