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Growing up as a child, I was never fond of dogs. I was never surrounded by dogs and if I was I am very terrified by them. I feel that they will just jump right at me and bite my leg. Back where I grew up, there wasn't many pleasant dogs, most were called "askal" -asong kalye... meaning street dogs. But anyway, when my uncle adopted this little cute furry creature named: CANDY she looked very sad, she seemed so lonely. My uncle wasn't able to take care of this furry little creature, so my boyfriend took over the responsibilities and adopted her. He fell in love with this dog more than anything else, hopefully besides MOI!!! His family was able to take care of her, as if she's a baby. She had the lifestyle of a princess...So after my first encounter with Candy when she was sad and lonely, she turned out to be a happy, loveable & cheerful dog.  She doesn't bite and she always love to be next to me, so that I can pet her for dayssss!!! (tiring it is..) Candy is always a star when she steps out of the house for a walk...strangers would be amazed on how big and fluffy she is and she carries it very well and I'm pretty sure she knows it too! Candy helped me not to be scared of dogs, she proved that not all dogs are the same. She was right because she puts a smile to my face whenever I see her.
Meet Candy!

she loves the grass...

she's a superstar                                                                           

isn't she the cutest pom?

1 comment:

Apple said...

I love Candy!!! Though I've only met her once or twice, she was so malambing and thought she was sooo cute!

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