H&M unleashes comme des garcons

to make this long story short!!!! Racks were empty!!!

Funny guy...so undecisive!!!
One of the guys that grabbed most of the items off the rack!!!
and now there sorting what they want!!!

The cardigan i bought.

Presenting "Comme des Garcons" a collaboration with 
H&M.  When i heard the news from my cousin...I was very excited because i missed out on Cavalli and this time i'm not going to let this passed. I told myself i will be there before anyone else, which I assume hundreds of people were planning also. I woke up at 8:00 a.m. and drove my ass to downtown and what do you know there's freakin' traffic. So

 I made it to down town at 9:00 a.m. when i passed by H&M there was a crowd and long line infront of the store, just like how it first opened. What do you expect?! Anywhoo, i rushed out the parking garage and as i walked and pass by the store there they were a bunch of people all covered up in their blankets and sitting in their portable chairs and eating crackers along with their starbucks fix. Most were japanese peeps! representing and supporting their kababayans!!! (countrymen) So as I passed by the long freaking line i went around the corner and  lined up at the very end...2 or 3 minutes later more and more people were lining up...so i figured hmm..i guess my timing wasn't that bad. I was a block away from the store. I waited for a good hour to get into the store. As soon as 9:50 a.m. hits...the line started to move and i could see from far away the people were running and rushing to the front door. There you go..it was total "CHAOS" I was in schocked that as soon as i stepped into the door it was like a jungle! Picture someone who haven't eaten for daysss...they were grabbing all the hangers that was in the rack with all the same style!!! people stepping on some shirts and sweaters and rolling racks were obviously getting pushed. I was afraid that one of the racks might hit my eye, I mean hello I'm a petite girl. People were grabbing anything they see comme des garcons on the label and anything polka dots!!! By 10:01 a.m. most of the merchandise on the floor was all gone!!! craziness...aren't we in recession???!!! This is such a good way for H&M to build up their revenue and such good timing, because these fashionistas would not let an opportunity like this slip away...like moi!

All i really wanted was a scarf! and was suppose to buy one for my cousin too!!!


Apple said...

today is a sad sad day for our scarves are out there in somebody else's necks. Punks!

Emski said...

omg it must have been crazy. atleast you got a cardigan!!

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