so joe decided to buy me a bonnet at sports authority, it was an impulse buy and so he just grabbed a bonnet that had some kind of green to match my jacket. following day i decided i don't really like it, even if the lady at the store said "it's really me" what the heck does that mean anyway? anyway, i told him that i want his instead and that it looks better on me. he refused to give it to me, what an ass! here's a pic below of the bonnet he bought, which is history!
that sunday night, the cousins decided to do some grillin' at joe's garage, which turned out to be sooO fun. the burgers were tasty and those kabob were awesome...thanks to chef heather ;)
after the late night grillin' we all decided to drive to vacaville the next morning to do some damage. i returned the bonnet at the vacaville store and joe finally decided to give me his and he got a new one. hahha..i told him "it's my birthday" hehehe! he tried to convinced me to get a different one and seriously with his efforts of persuading me made me laugh soo hard. he would make this funny commentary noise "ooohhh that sh*t looks sickk" didn't work on me cause i know that he's hella making it up. 

we catched traffic on the way home and everyone was exhausted. i felt bad for joe cause he had to drive. anyway he made sure he kept himself awake and entertained as well. the pic below will show you how and maybe this is his little revenge, since i got his bonnet.

thank god there was no fly ;)


Emski said...

lol this entry is so funny. hey, how do you get your iphone pics like that? sometimes mine wont show on a post. idk.

Apple said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Apple said...

HAHAHAHA JOE IS SO FREAKIN' AWESOME! Maybe that's why DGJR picked me! Ayaw raw nya ng nakanganga! Hahaha lab u cuz!

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