Malou Review

I love Malou Nubla! her job is absolutely the best, a mobile Concierge of the Bay Area. Anything that you need to know about the bay, she covers!!! from restaurants, where to shop, where to live and best bites of the town, activities and whole lot more...

After being a concierge for 5 years in downtown sf, i've picked up alot of good places where to go. That's also with the help of my fellow co-workers who's been in the business for many years. I enjoyed assisting guest when it comes to picking the best place to dine in around the city. The best part of being a concierge is when you recommend a resto and you make reservations for the guest, in return most resto gives a complimentary dinner *sweet*!!! & of course your guest comes back with a big smile on their face...for an excellent recommendations. I think i've used most of my complimentary dinners on dates and some with the fam. Another best thing also is having a complimentary tours around the city. e.g. Wine Country Tour, City Tour, Helicopter Tour & etc!!!
ohhhh!!! and the most bestest part of being a concierge is the commission of course & the experience ;)

Check out Malou on Sundays @ 6pm! She rocks ;-)

Watch her amazing job!!!

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