Midnight Ruby

I was afraid that my hair would turn to such an ugly brassy color, so i had to rescue them before i turn to be a carrot top. I don't remember the last time i did my own coloring, since i've been a faithful customer at Cinta in downtown sf. But now that i can't really afford to have it done, i trusted my loving mother to do my hair (she did a GREAT job by the way) with a little bit of my bossiness..here and there...making sure she covers everything evenly. Another reason for me to not visit my colorist is because she's expecting a baby, which i believe will be due soon and so she's in maternity leave. Anyway that's the story and i'm just diggin' this color right now...



Emski said...

hi maria, its bagay on you! i like. lol, its so funny cuz right now im sitting in front on the comp with hair dye on my hair. im waiting for it to develop. hehe, we'll see how itll turn out, hope to see you soon! nice hair!

Jeniffer Pascual said...

I like the color missy, any color looks good on you anyways! The mysterious brunette will be cute to contrast your colorful summer wardrobe.

Anonymous said...

U say ur hair was red before this color? Mines brighter red now and I'm worried it will come out looking odd, but I like the way urs came out

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