Lola's [Gucci]

From what i recall in old photos of my lola [grandma: in Filipino] she had a purse on her that was hanging on her right wrist. About a month ago, for some weird reason i was thinking of what kind of purse she was holding...i named a few to my auntie and well what do you know 'voila' it was her vintage Gucci. Well i kindly asked my auntie if i can sport it for awhile, since lola is in the Philippines she won't be needing her old [vintage] aahhemm purse! So, without my lola's consent my auntie kindly let me borrow it. But then again weird feeling came stumbling or should i say anxious...i want the purse! aahhh! as soon as i got home with my lola's purse, i called her long distance to ask if i can YEP have it! i felt bad cause she was taking a nap and i woke her up, but she was happy to hear my voice lol! ...."yea, go take it" she made my day! 
THANKS lola ;)



[extra hairdo piece--my hairdo for the day]
lovin' the braids 



yats. ;] said...

hahhaha, im lovin the shirt. ;]

Anonymous said...

I agree, I love the top.

MARIA Santiago said...

thanks it's from xxi ;)

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