TV [television]

Morning shoutOUT... yay! it's thursday!
aahhh! as a student this fourth day of the week is indeed a "friday's eve" to take a break from all the stress...some may call it a "thirst-day" lol! happy hour time per se.

Meet my BFF...
as i lay on my bed at this very moment, i was just thinking how much i watch
TV (television)
  • right when i wake up
  • when i'm eating (breakfast/lunch/merienda/dinner)
  • when i'm surfing the net/posting blogs/facebook/myspace/twitter
  • in the shower (even if there's no TV in my bathroom)
  • studying (of course it's on MUTE)
  • putting make up on 
  • sleeping (set on sleep for 60 min)
i can definitely go on and on..with this list, but you can probably see my daily routine
revolves around the TV being ON at all times.
well ever since i was young, i was always watching tv
"i'm not a reader, but a watcher"
visual learner-lol!

i just love hearing the sound of what's on TV
it makes it homie for me, i guess it's like how my brother has to have his radio ON 
all the time.

my parent's always tells me to turn my TV OFF [most of the time] because they can see that i'm not even watching, perhaps i was doing some of the stuff i've listed.

e.g. TV is ON but obviously keeping myself busy by taking photos ;p 

just like what i used to say..."girls gotta do what girls gotta do"

1 comment:

BROKBAK. said...

UY, nabored ka nanaman.

dang, im hella like posting a comment on every blog you've made since i left.

SHOCKS, miss na kasi kita Bok e! :)) HAHA

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