Guilty feet have got no rhythm...

so this pair of "cage studded booties" was the cause of our last minute shopping conflict. for some reason, he manages to squeeze in a unnecessary comment about the shoe. With that being said, I decided to return the shoe as i stand in front of the cashier. As soon as I got out of the store, "ignore mode" has been turned ON...knowing that he would feel guilty, he ran back to the store and purchase the shoe.

Later on, when everything seemed to cool down, he mentioned that i tricked him so that he pays for the shoes! what an ass!!! lol...hey it was not my intention, but the fact that he even came up with that excuse what an a-hole!

i felt guilty afterwards, so i thank him ;)!



mel said...

cute! what kind of shoes are they??

bok. said...

i looove it. :D

MARIA Santiago said...

it's called liliana, got it from a store on 34th ave. I think it's replica of the NYLA.

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