Cherry Cherry Boom Boom

So it's thursday, my mom told me last night that I need to wake up early to do some cherry picking...hmm..sounds fun! From what I remember not long ago, I could hardly squeeze any last minute plans due to work & school and now with so much free time, I was like "sure". It feels good to say "yes" to last minute plans-its' so exciting, but at the same time...am so bummed being low in the moola. But then again in a good note, nothing beats good company and the adventure that follows ;)

So this morning we headed out to Rockville, Suisun City Ca. We visited the
  99 Cherry Orchard the entrance fee only cost $3.50 plus $1.50 a pound for the cherries, which is not a bad deal it's actually an awesome deal. Best part is it's only 45 minute drive from the bay. 

The weather was really nice, it was 90 degrees! goodness...after a while a slight headache rushed ;(



Oh by the way, that cute lil' hand is Isaiah...you're not seeing things ;)



Wow! this box cost us $9.00 "what a deal-what-a- taaw-sata-tay-wow..wow"


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Anonymous said...

I totally enjoy your blog! It's so fun and interesting and I love your insight.

P.s. Not to be bitchy, but I think you are so much better than your friend nikki. You have more class and better fashion sense.

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