For the love of scent: Part II

As I was doing my daily reads on one my fave blogs to read (chuvaness...) I was intrigued by who is Frederic Malle well he just happened to be a perfume expert that seems to know what the real deal is when it comes to scent. After watching a short clip on youtube, he made me realize the cheap scents that's out on the market are somewhat like pirated scent...is there such a thing? what he meant are those celebrity endorsers who's selling fragrances for the moola.! gosh darn it...what i wear now are: Mademoiselle, Daisy, True Religion, Hanae Mori, Jo Malone...and some Paris & Juicy Couture for a room spray.

One scent that i find very unique is my Jo Malone, I just love how it stays on my skin for hours and it's very refreshing. 

-Oh by the way, we all know that perfume bottles need to be place in cooler temperature, but one great idea i got from Frederic Malle is to store them in a fridge (remember it's like a bottle of wine). It helps maintain the natural smell of the perfume...I shall try it! pronto!!!


i love how he seemed to be annoyed about the whole celebrity issue...you could tell that he's so passionate about his works!
i wanna smell his creations...to Barney's I go!


Apple said...

Let me venture with you!!! I am currently waiting for a Nordstrom presale of some Jo Malones!

Apple said...

remember those samples we got last time? I was so in love with them! I seriously finished each of those samples LOL.

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