pearly whites


okayyy...weird! i'm doing a post on my new pearly whites!!! Yess...after having my braces taken off, I've been meaning to get my teeth whitened professionally, but OH the cost is bloody expensive. Since i've been raving about this to my bf, he got me a 10 day whitening strip as a present for our anniversary last month...yess..he's very creative with the presents and i must say it came in handy. If you feel that wearing you're fave red lipstick and say pink-ish one makes your teeth look yellow, try the Crest Whitening it will solve your problemo pronto! There are several types of strips, what i got was the Pro Effects for $35.99, there are some advance ones for $44.99 which includes 14 day strips. It does give you a tingly feeling and makes your teeth somewhat sensitive, but that's normal and the pain goes away quickly. Anyway, i love it!!!

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