Another year of costume play "cosplay" what's everyone up for? who do you want to be this year?
well...this year i'm going for the classics, nothing extravagant or extraordinary, but classic. Surprise ya next week and will post pics ;)
Last year, was definitely a last minute decision to dress or not, but luckily i found a "rag doll" costume for $50 (which then i thought was a reasonable price) but now to think of it, it's harsh on the pocket with such cheap material. That's just how i feel since i'm unemployed now, compare to the splurging' maria i used to know. Well I'm excited for my costume this year, since it's easy on the pocket and it's one of a kind. It's a MYOC (make your own costume) lol!

-here's what my costume last year looked like...
i did see one person wearing the same thing last year.



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