Walkinginto Westfield shopping center's restroom near the foodcourt today, i've noticed how they are "GOING GREEN". Yep! they are now using a  hand drier and paper towels are now history! Well it's not an ordinary hand drier, it's sophisticated with a sleek style. Ohhh..yes they are so powerful.
It's called Dyson Airblade

  • Fastest dry: dries hand in 12 seconds
  • Most Hygienic: removes 99.9% of bacteria from air used to dry hands
  • Energy efficient: uses up to 80% less energy
Pretty Cool huh?! 
 I also find the hand sanitizer to be conveniently handy...i think everyone should carry one in their purse/man purse.

Well i'm that type of person who always brings a hand sanitizer..everywhere i go! seriously though, my hands feels so sticky and filthy if i don't wash them. 

Who ever invented PURELL is a genius!-->PURELL
Again...it's your share of going green ;)

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