Everytime i dine around the mission in sf, i always pass by this bright, vibrant sign SPORK..and was always curious if their any good?! As a yelper..there were good reviews about this place and so the bf and i decided to dine. WHY Spork? well KFC was actually the one that introduced America to this spoon/fork utensil. So this resto is basically using this namesake, for their american style of fast food, however, this place is aiming for the slow food. Why slow food? well to enjoy their dishes and to create this interesting idea of not rushing to eat a good plate. 

Sad part of our dinner was that i was visited by unexpected cold, which made my taste bud disappear. I was only able to taste our appetizer-and being able to taste appetizer shows if the place is any good, well as it turned out their poke was fantastic and their bread too!




jae said...

reading this at almost 1:15AM just made me hungry. i do adore sporks though. i think they`re one of those under-loved utensils. they aren`t shown as much appreciation as they should be.

Anonymous said...

love your blog! your posts are so fun to read! :-)

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