It's so funny that when I first saw this sign outside of the streets in Soho, I thought It says Philippines, at that time I had to look hard to see if I was really reading it right...sorry my glasses were not present at that time. 

I just recently found out what it says, well hello *ding-dong* hehehe it's a designer's name Philip Lim. The funny thing is that I have been loving his designs for quite some time now and not realizing that when I stood outside of his store in New York that it was one of his shops...I didn't really know that those clothes I have been admiring were designed by him, never paid a visit to his site nor ever looked at what his logo was...sad! ;(

As a matter of fact, when I was deciding what I should wear for my 25th birthday, I really fell in love with the dress that Lauren Conrad wore for The Hills season four finale. So then my goal was to find something similar and of course sequined out! Again, what she wore that night was a dress from Philip Lim...gorgeous!

My version is from Arden B.
Here's some of his works that I find so amazingly beautiful and so stylish!



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