like a Virgin

I just need to do a quick post about this airline...they're AWESOME!

Ever since my bro was braggin' about how his flight with Virgin America was super cool! he's been a frequent flyer for the airline. So, I finally witnessed what he's been braggin' about when I flew in to NYC and I couldn't agree more, he's right they're cool, well the plane itself is very comfy with the leather seats and personal T.V. my fave ;) and it has a remote control too and it also serves as a controller for the video games. Another cool feature is that you can chat with people who might not be on the same aisle with you thru the T.V. for free! There's also a WIFI in the plane, but there's a fee of $12.95, but with so much features on your t.v. screen and with such a short flight, I didn't mind not having WIFI.

The lighting made me feel as if I was in a lounge...Up in the air Lounge!
FYI: the lighting changes from day time to night time..coolio ;)


Another thing...you can swipe your credit card underneath the t.v. screen to make orders or shop e.g. snack, drinks (they have a good variety of drinks from teas, coffee, wine & hard liquor etc)...and they deliver asap style! 

Viewing 40 year old virgin and sippin' on some Karma sparkling wine. 


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