Fashion Ave

Last night I was watching the movie Devil Wears Prada and during the scene where Andy had to run off and get skirts from Calvin Klein they did a quick glance on Seventh Ave and Fashion Ave...
Aaaahhh! just remembering the time I have taken a quick shot on that street makes me really miss NY. gosh golly !

I had to blurrr my face out, for I was a mess early in the morning, but hey I was wearing my Prada glasses...ain't that a coincidence..."that's all"



Emski said...

"thats all" hehe clever...
deng girl you are having major ny withdrawals!

Nikki Desuasido said...

we shall return!! it will be a long time coming for me and you will get your fix!! xoxo cant wait!

MARIA Santiago said...

ahhh! so yeah..i'm in major withdrawals ;(
lol! i belong there ;)

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