What A Buy

what makes my day are good buys

It's been a while since i've visited the Gap store and for those who knows how I shop, the only time I buy something at the Gap is when I'm at the premiums' *wink ;) 

Deal for the day was a plain boyfriend tee v-neck for $3.97 (yellow) However, the second tee was three dollars more, I'm guessing because of the color, it's usually the case or if it's new in stock. I love how it has that over washed look, sunkissed wash per Gap. The cute little pocket definitely reminded me of my old shirts in junior high. Ohh...and the loose fitting is a must, so I got a medium...a must just cause tight fitting makes one body look like a suman. 
DEF: suman: sweet sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves [filipino snack]





jae said...

why don`t we have deals like that on gap tshirts in canada? & if we do, why do i always miss them? :( the shirts look awesome. & yea, never wanna end up looking like suman (now i`m craving some, thanks a lot :b)

MARIA Santiago said...

lol! it's so comfy too ;)

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